Self publish and keep your money

December 16, 2012


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***Update May 2016*** Please be aware: I am closing comments on this post. It was published 4 years ago and last updated nearly 2 years ago and so I’m sure that there’s better, more up to date information elsewhere on the web. Thanks for stopping by. All my self-publishing…

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Before I die I want to…

December 10, 2012


Candy Chang has amazing vision. She feels two of the most valuable things we have are time and our relationships with one another – I emphatically agree. It is undeniable as I grow older that appreciating the human experience brings comfort and genuine satisfaction to your life. You can find more information about Candy and her […]

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Create your own manifesto

December 9, 2012


A manifesto is a written public declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. It often is political in nature, but may present an individual’s life stance. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds. One of the more today’s more popular manifestos comes from HOLSTEE. I think this is […]

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